GenerationNext! Trustees volunteer their time to direct the activities of the organisation, oversee disbursements and supervise staff.  They shape the charity and its direction in their semi-annual board meetings.

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Dr Ann Olivarius

Dr Ann Olivarius is a graduate of Yale College ('77), Yale Law School ('86), Yale School of Management ('86) and holds a DPhil from Oxford University in Economics ('90) where she studied as a Rhodes Scholar and as an American Association of University Women (AAUW) Fellow. Dr Olivarius's legal career includes service as General Counsel, CEO and Director of Scientific Programs of a US medical foundation with assets valued in 1990 at over $100 million. Dr Olivarius is now the Chair of the Executive Committee of McAllister Olivarius, an international law firm with operations in the US, Britain, Europe, Asia and South Africa, as well as the Managing Partner of AO Advocates, a law firm specialising in child sex abuse litigation in the UK.   In addition to being a Trustee of GenerationNext!, Dr Olivarius is also the CEO and Chair of the Rhodes Project, which evaluates the careers and life choices of Rhodes Scholars worldwide.

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Dr Jef McAllister

Dr Jef McAllister is an honours graduate of Yale College ('77) and Yale Law School ('86) and holds a DPhil from Oxford University in Modern History ('81) where he studied as a Marshall Scholar. From 1989 to 2006 he worked for TIME Magazine as Diplomatic Correspondent, White House Correspondent and London Bureau Chief, and appeared regularly on CNN, the BBC and other international news outlets. Since 2007 he has been Managing Partner of McAllister Olivarius in London, working on a variety of significant civil rights cases, business transactions and litigation; he is also a partner in AO Advocates, a law firm specialising in child sex abuse litigation. He is the author, with U. Alexis Johnson, former US Under Secretary of State, of The Right Hand of Power.

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Kathryn Olivarius

Kathryn Olivarius holds a BA from Yale University and a Master's Degree from Oxford University, where she is currently pursuing a DPhil in History. She attended the Godolphin & Latymer School in London, and during her summer holidays led groups of young women on summer-long, thousand-kilometer canoe trips to Hudson Bay in northern Canada for Keewaydin Camps. She previously served as the manager of Orson & Co., an electronic book publisher in New York.


John Olivarius-McAllister

John Olivarius-McAllister attends Yale University, where he is majoring in Applied Physics.  He is business manager of the a capella singing group RedHot and Blue. He attended Latymer School in London, where he organized many events for GenerationNext!